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  • Before you dive into our supply of real estate, it is better to first learn more about the region!
  • You are buying a home, together with ImmoLNS you can prepare yourself and make good decisions.
  • Take a look at the various regions on our website, by this way you immediately get a better idea of what you can expect from which environment.


  • The reason why you are considering investing in Spain also determines your choice.

who am i?

  • The activities that you and/or your family like to practice in your new environment are part of a pleasant stay!
  • You are a buyer, but who are you? What do you think is important or not?

  • Your home is to enjoy yourself, this is the place where you must be yourself!

where do i feel good?

  • What factors make you feel good in your own skin or not?

what do i like?

  • We can not argue about taste, so let's figure out what you like!


  • We are allowed to dream but we do live in reality, see for yourself what your financial possibilities are. Do the test and make your calculations at our loan calculator below!
  • Before you start searching, it is for the best to contact your bank. You can already start with our loan calculator to get a first idea.
  • In general, you will pay 10% registration fees for existing and for new homes and ± 1% additional costs on top of the purchase price. This means that you can count on a ± 11% total additional costs on top of the purchase price.

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