Why Immo LNS?

Are you dreaming of a your own place under the Spanish sun?

Our office specializes in guiding the purchase-sale of homes and apartments at the Costa Blanca in Spain.

We distinguish ourselves by our customer-oriented approach and home search in advance BEFORE your arrival in Spain. Thanks to an efficient and goal-targeted approach you will lose as little time as possible!
Our guidance before and after your purchase means that you will be able to invest with a quite peace of mind.

search in advance

  • Together with you, we will search for your ideal home in advance, based on your wishes. After all, a lot of work needs to be done before a conscious and good investment abroad.
  • Looking around and comparing is a must, but usually you are in Spain for a too short period of time. Guidance by someone on the spot is therefore advisable.

without cost

  • Our guidance and tips are completely free.
  • Thanks to the open collaborations with real estate agents in Spain, we can focus on your wishes! 


  • Photos and descriptions in advertisements often do not match reality. We are happy to represent you and monitor the environment and the house, as far as possible, prior to your arrival.
  • Together with you, we immediately visit the right homes without loss of time and with the best tips and tricks.

customer oriented approach

  • We base ourselves on your wishes or criteria! You are the center of our attention!
  • Who are you and what are you looking for? This is why we work with our goal-oriented questionnaire and this is why we take time to get to know you better!

guidance before & after

  • Once we have found your Spanish dream home, we will assist in the preparations of your purchase. We will advise you a good and reliable lawyer and/or gestor/ accountant.
  • We will help you opening your Spanish bank account,  in applying for your NIE-number (= identification number for foreigners), translations of documents etc.

  • We will hand over our brochure "What you need to know as a buyer of Spanish real estate". This brochure describes all steps of the purchase process and contains useful information about your property in Spain.
  • After the deed, we will advise you a reliable cleaning aid, a poolboy, a good address for furniture etc.
  • And after your purchase we will also hand over our book "Feel good at the Costa Blanca". In this book you will find information about the area, the local activities, festivities, all good restaurants in the area etc.
  • Do you want to rent out? We will be happy to give you a push in the right direction! In this way, if you want to, we can prepare your personal rental-book. This book contains information and rules for your tenants including a description of the location with photos. In addition, we can also provide you with rental contracts, a video drone recording etc.

ipi recognized

  • A professional approach thanks to a well-founded background!
  • ImmoLNS is recognized by the Belgian institute of real estate agents.

Are you considering to buy in Spain?

For ImmoLNS you are not a number! Who are you and what are you looking for?

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