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Inland you will find the authentic Jalón which is crossed, through the heart of the village center, by the Meridian of Greenwich. Jalón is, or Xaló by its Valencian name, also called ”Vall de Pop” and is situated about 15 km away from the coast. This village is surrounded by the villages Benissa, Lliber, Alcalalí, Pedreguer and Callosa de Ensarriá. The name “Vall de Pop” is on the one hand a reference to the valley and on the other hand a reference to the small river “Pop” that flows into the valleys.
This village is best known for its outstretched green valleys and its beautiful untouched nature with vineyards, almond trees, olive trees and orange plantations. In addition to the rich flora, the region also houses a large variety of animals. You can spot many birds of prey such as the golden eagle, the hawk eagle but also mammals such as the tree marten.
The villages Parcent, Murla, Benichembla, Alcalalí, Lliber, Senija, Castell de Castell and Jalón are located in the valley. With the exception of the plains of the valley, Jalón is a region with mountains like for example La del Ferrer (889 m), El Castellet de la solana (608 m), El Peñon de la Mica (506 m) and La Sierra de Bernia (1.128 m). In the many caves of the region, not only animals but also people found shelter and a home. The prehistoric rock wall drawings were declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1998.

The river Gorgos runs through the village centre and just like the unspoiled nature, the typical Spanish authenticity in the heart of Jalón is also remained. The Moorish influences cannot be ignored and can be recognized in the restored monuments and traditional small houses.
In 1472, the Moorish farmers in Jalón were the main suppliers of the Moscatel grape for the Kingdom of Valencia. In the 18th and 19th centuries Jalón exported its grapes and raisins to America and the rest of Europe. During this period the famous "Riuraus", or the typical agricultural buildings with arches, were built to dry Moscatel grapes into raisins.
The region is known, not only for its white dessert wines such as Moscatel and Mistela, but also for its solid red wines.

Sightseeing and activities in Jalón

  • In the region there are many hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulty. You can follow the "Ruta del Riuraus" (= the route of the raisins) or the "Ruta dels Pous de Xaló". In addition, there are several walks along the many caves of the region. The route “Cova de Meravelles” is a walk through the 20-meter-long tunnel through the mountainrange Bernía. But not only walkers, also cyclists and mountain bikers can enjoy themselves in this area! Tip: check www.wiciloc.com for your hiking, cycling and mountainbike routes.

  • You will find typical Spanish atmosphere while walking through the centre of the village with its narrow streets and traditional Spanish houses. One of the Moorish remains is the church with its blue dome “Parroquia de Santa María”. Nearby the church at “Calle Iglesia” you can stop for a snack and a drink at the “Velosol Cycling Bar”. After you can walk towards the street “Avenida Rey Juan Carlos” and have a look at the “Museo Etnológico” of Jalón.

  • In 1972 an old Roman villa was restored into the wine museum “Bodega Museo Maserof”. Here you will find objects and furniture used in the period of the 11th until the 19th century and related to the wine tradition. In September, the month of the harvest, grapes are traditionally crushed by candlelight with bare feet. 

Tip: Jalón is widely known for its vineyards and olives. Get acquainted with the age-old tradition in one of the local Bodegas!

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Festivities in Jalón

  • At the end of April, the martyr “San Pere” is celebrated with the Rosemary Festivals or “Fiesta del Romero”. In the streets of Jalón a pilgrimage to the mountains starts in order to return with baskets filled with Rosemary twigs. The next day the rosemary twigs will be bound together with flowers and used to honor the Saint “San Pere”.

  • In early August, the Saint “San Santo Domingo de Guzmán” is celebrated with a whole week of religious parades, fanfares and bullfighting.

  • On 9 October, the National Day of the Communidad de Valencia will be celebrated.

Festivities in Jalon Festivities in Jalon Festivities in Jalon


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