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Built on the top of a hill and about 10 km away from the coast of Albir, you will find the picturesque village of Polop. For many unknown, but therefor not unloved because the small village has been a rich inspiration for many artists over the years.

The name Polop would derive from the Greek word “Apolópolis” and was in time shortened to “Polop”. Apoló refers to the versatile God “Apollo” from Greek mythology and is also synonymous for beauty, poetry, agriculture and sunlight. Apoló would also have been born in a place where four crystal clear rivers escaped the earth.

The beauty of the nature in the region of Polop cannot be disputed and here, just like in Greek mythology, this is a place where 4 rivers namely Hulapdar, Xirles, Guadelest and Algar make their passage. The second part of the name Apolópolis means “people or village”.

During the time of the Moorish occupation, the territory of the Polop barony stretched from Guadalest to the end of Villajoyosa and the beaches of Benidorm and Albir. Polop was the most important and most powerful centre for security and defense against pirates and other invaders. In the 19th century Polop's barony fell apart and the area became the region that we now know as the current Polop today.

The village is situated at the north of Benidorm and is demarcated by the East and West oriented mountain range “Ponoig” and the mountains “Puig Campana”. The river Guadelest is also a separation between Polop and Callosa d'En Sarria. Polop is a beautiful green area including the many nísperos plantations and almond trees.



Festivities in Polop

Festivities in Polop



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